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The best side effect of eating high fibre meals is that it will be easier for you to maintain or even lose weight. Foods that are high in fibre have few calories making them to be healthier. Whole grain cereals such as wheat take longer to chew. When you eat food slowly, you will start feeling full soon thus you will not overeat.
High fibre meals such as legumes help in avoiding constipation and other problems with digestion since they add a lot of bulk to stool. When the colon constricts and struggles to push stool, it crams and tightens which then causes constipation and bloating. Meals that have high fibre content prevent complications with the intestine and irritable bowel syndrome.

High fibre meals are the healthy option for your heart. When fibre moves through the intestines and stomach, it absorbs so much more than water alone. It picks up bile salts and fats then remove them from the body rather than leaving them to travel up the bloodstream. This is helpful in preventing these particles from being changed to cholesterol. When you have low level of cholesterol in your body, it means that you have a healthier cardiovascular system and heart as well. Through studies, it has been proved that dietary fibre lowers the blood cholesterol levels significantly. As a result of this, the cardiovascular health is improved.

There are very many sources of fibre. You can get it from fruits and vegetables. Not only are vegetables and fruits sweet, they are also very easy to prepare. You should therefore add it to your diet. Whole grains such as cereals, pastas and breads are the best choice to improve your intake of fibre. There are a variety of beans and legumes that you can choose from and they all contain fibre as well.

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